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“You go deep enough or far out enough in consciousness and you will bump into the sacred. It’s not something we generate; it’s something out there waiting to be discovered. And this reliably happens to nonbelievers as well as believers.” ― Michael Pollan

Image by Sean Sinclair

I strongly advise that you seek a therapeutic space with an experienced practitioner if you consider using psychedelics. Without an integration process that serves as a container, it may pose more harm than good, or lead to a waste of the experience's value. If you are interested in psychedelic integration to help you make sense of your trip please get in touch. During your session, I'm happy to discuss my knowledge, experience and educational resources with you.

Please be aware that psychedelic-assisted therapy is currently illegal in the United Kingdom. I don't offer psychedelic-assisted therapy and am unable to help you find psychedelic substances. My psychedelic integration sessions are to help you prepare and integrate meaningful experiences.

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